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Because the undisputed facts show appellant does not have a protectable interest in its claimed service mark, we affirm the judgment of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. There are two Acorp V-375 in this case: Investcorp E. Investcorp International was created by Investcorp E.

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Hereinafter, the two co-appellees will be referred to as "Investcorp". Four months later, in OctoberInvestacorp filed Acorp V-375 federal service mark registration.

The district court granted Acorp V-375 judgment in favor of defendant on all counts of the complaint, because it determined that plaintiff does not have a proprietary interest in the mark "Investacorp". Plaintiff appeals to this Court asserting that genuine issues of material fact are Acorp V-375 in the trial court's summary resolution of the claims.

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Issue 5 Acorp V-375 must determine whether the district court's finding involved the resolution of an issue of material fact. As an appellate Acorp V-375, we must also determine the applicable law, independent of that interpretation rendered by the district court. If no issue of material fact was presented and the independently determined applicable law supports the grant of summary judgment ordered by the district court, then we must affirm. Appellant asserts that the district court should have found genuine issues of material fact presented in the following counts: Federal service mark infringement, 2 Florida common law service mark infringement, Florida common law unfair competition, and violation of the Florida anti-dilution law.

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If the federal service mark claim Acorp V-375 in this case for the reason cited by the district court, that plaintiff had no proprietary interest in the "Investacorp" mark, then all of appellant's claims will fail. Prima Facie Service Mark Infringement 7 To prove service mark infringement in this case, plaintiff must prove 1 that defendant used a term in commerce 2 in connection with their services 3 which is likely to be confused with the term 4 in which plaintiff possesses the right to use to designate their services. The district court, however, found that plaintiff did not Acorp V-375 the right to designate its services with the term "Investacorp" and hence had no protectable interest that could be infringed.

Consequently, summary judgment was entered for defendant. A business will obtain rights in a mark upon first use only if the mark is "inherently distinctive.

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The Categories of Distinctiveness 9 There are four categories of distinctiveness in which a service mark may be classified. Because a suggestive service mark is inherently distinctive, no proof of secondary meaning is required for it to be protectable. Distinctiveness Inquiry 10 The district court determined that the term "Investacorp" was descriptive. Because the distinctiveness categorization given a term is a question of fact, 24 we must determine whether the district court's finding involved a genuine issue of material fact.

Pursuant to a customer's desires, Investacorp sells stocks, bonds and other securities which are often initially issued by corporations. The two key formatives in the term "Investacorp" are "invest" and "corp". It is beyond doubt that the term "Investacorp" bears a relationship Acorp V-375 the type of services being offered by plaintiff. Hence, it cannot be an arbitrary or fanciful term.

Thus, we must determine whether the mark is descriptive or suggestive. Both of the two formatives "invest" and "corp" pervade the lexicon of business terminology. Because the two formatives are indispensable to the investment services industry, we agree that it is very likely that competitors will need to use these terms. We find the popularity of use by competitors is extreme. Because Acorp V-375 customer who observes the term can readily perceive the nature of plaintiff's services, without having to Acorp V-375 his imagination, the term cannot be considered a suggestive term.


Accordingly, "Investacorp" must be merely descriptive. When the defendant submitted the "Investcorp" mark application, Acorp V-375 PTO passed the mark on to publication. Plaintiff argues that this indicates that the PTO found the similar mark also not descriptive. FCC and CE certified to operate at 2. Provide data Acorp V-375 via USB v1. Here you can download acorp 9yf for Windows.


Driver Info: File name: Please note we are carefully scanning all Acorp V-375 content on our website for viruses and trojans. Device: Acorp V Hardware Type: Video Card.

Vendor: Acorp. Model: V System: Windows Acorp V-375 / Version: Description: V Driver for MS. Device: Acorp V Manufacturer: Acorp Hardware Type: Video Card Version: Description: n/a.


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