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Measure the maximum current value which system under maximum load CPU: Full loading Idle mode: Measure the current value when system in windows mode and without running any program RTC Battery: Be sure to read all safety precautions before you begin Advantech PCM-3365 Intel HD Graphics installation procedure. The table below lists the functions of the various jumpers. The table below lists the function of each of the connectors. A jumper is a metal bridge used to close an electric circuit. It consists of two Advantech PCM-3365 Intel HD Graphics pins and a small metal clip often protected by a plastic cover that slides over the pins to connect them.

To close a jumper, you connect the pins with the clip. To open a jumper, you remove the clip. Sometimes a jumper will have three pins, labeled 1, 2 and 3.

In this case you would connect either pins 1 and 2, or 2 and 3. The jumper Advantech PCM-3365 Intel HD Graphics are schematically depicted in this manual as follows: If you have any doubts about the best hardware configuration for your application, contact your local distributor or sales representative before you make any changes. Generally, you simply need a standard cable to make most connections. This information is stored in battery-backed CMOS so it retains the Setup information when the power is turned off. PCM User Manual 14 23 3.

If there is no number assigned to the patch code, please contact an Advantech application engineer to obtain an up-to-date patch code file. This will ensure that your CPU s system status is valid. You can always return to the Main setup screen by selecting the Main tab. Advantech PCM-3365 Intel HD Graphics are two Main Setup options.

They are described in this section. The left frame displays all the options that can be configured.

Grayed-out options cannot be configured; options in blue can. The right frame displays the key legend.

PC/104 CPU Modules

Above the key legend is an area reserved for a text message. When an option is selected in the left frame, it is highlighted in white. Often a text message will accompany it. Enter new values through the keyboard.

The time must be entered in HH: You can select any of the items in the left frame of the screen, such as CPU Configuration, to go Advantech PCM-3365 Intel HD Graphics the sub menu for that item. The sub menus are described on the following pages. This option may be not effective with some OS. Select FixedTime, system will wake on the hr: Console Redirection This item allows users to configuration console redirection detail settings. Power Technology Enable the power management features.

PCM - Advantech

USB transfer time-out Time-out value for control, Bulk, and interrupt transfers. Device reset time-out USB mass storage device start unit command time-out.

Device power-up delay Maximum time the device will take before it properly reports itself to the Host Controller. South Bridge Details for South Bridge items.


Aperture Size Select the Aperture Size. This has no effect if an external graphics present.

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Intel® Atom™ E / E & Celeron® Advantech PCM-3365 Intel HD Graphics, PC/Plus SBC, ISA, VGA, Controller; Processor Graphics; VGA; LVDS; HDMI; DVI; Multiple Display HDMI a for HD video playback, P at 60Hz, up to x ; HDMI a for. PCM Intel® Intel Celeron N Intel Gen7 graphic engine HDMI a for HD video playback, P at 60Hz, up to x

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