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The ECE 22 helmet requirements are performance oriented and not design oriented.

Therefore they do Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 prevent sufficient ventilation making these helmets suitable for tropical climate by keeping the level of safety. Motorcycles helmets in accordance with UN Regulation No. The relative costs of helmets go as low as one per cent and as high as 10 per cent of the motorcycle price. Therefore, helmets should be affordable for buyers of new or second-hand motorcycles in low-income countries too. Creation of technical Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 and conformity of production procedures paragraph 1 12 In European countries, by the time helmet-wearing became mandatory, there was often already a very high rate of use, resulting from previous education efforts and campaigns.

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Such efforts are now widely accepted and the consensus is that voluntary helmet use should be increased first and then be followed by the introduction of mandatory legislation. Some of the measures to increase voluntary helmet-wearing include: Regulation No. It creates conditions that thwart riders wearing any kind of helmet to comply with the law, e. Enforcement has to be consistent and well-advertised, with repeated efforts on a regular basis. Studies Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 shown that the fear of being caught makes people obey laws.

To increase the use of helmets a mix of measures has to be Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 successively and in combination. However, there is a particular practical issue undermining the willingness of riders to use helmets in emerging economies — the issue of affordability.

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Affordability and availability: The first perspective is the cost of the non-use of appropriate helmets, i. This question could be answered by analysing possible adverse consequences—additional fatalities or injuries sustained by motorcycle users involved in crashes. From this perspective one could analyse affordability by comparing the total cost of helmets if purchased by all motorcyclists with the social and economic cost of injuries and fatalities that would have been avoided if a stricter helmetwearing policy were in place as carried out and discussed in chapter 1. To calculate social and economic cost of human life is very difficult, practically impossible; nevertheless, an effort can be made to look Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 the problem of affordability from this perspective.

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These costs can be absolute e. In some countries helmets made to meet most stringent safety standards are almost prohibitively expensive, which results in meagre sales of such helmets. The price of a helmet expressed as a fraction of the motorcycle price could be also Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 as the indicator of such relative affordability. In other words, motorcyclists enforcement will be required in Europe purchase helmets that cost approximately to maximize effects of helmet three per cent of the value of the motorcycle. The relative cost of helmets may go as low as one per use programs. In low income countries motorcycles are a path to overcoming existing mobility gaps. As a result, people dedicate their limited resources to procuring new or used motorcycles, which commonly serve as the mobility solution for the whole family and essential to meeting their basic socio-economic needs.

Unfortunately, helmets are quite often left out of the equation due to on the one hand their prices, while on the other to the simple lack of additional funds. Another challenge that low income countries were faced with is the availability of helmets. As Hendrie et al reveals, in many low income countries motorcycle helmets were not always available. In China, the Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam, and Venezuela, motorcycle helmets are considered luxury goods that are primarily sold to foreigners and a small group of wealthy local consumers.


In Brazil, no safety devices, except child Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 systems, are easily available. When there is no market for motorcycle helmets, the prices at which they are sold are practically irrelevant. This is equivalent to one and a half times the average monthly salary in China. Thus it would not be entirely correct to conclude that in low income countries helmets are not sold because they are too expensive.

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In fact, the opposite might be true. In these countries, the helmets are expensive because no one is buying them. The high price of motorcycle helmets may result from their low availability. Creating conditions that would increase helmet availability Aims Lab VIdeoHighway TR 200 of utmost importance. This could be done through, for example, making the use of helmets mandatory. A strict enforcement of such legislation would help create a market pull for helmets, which, in turn, through economies of scale, would encourage production and drive prices down significantly. In creating helmet legislation, one of the most important pieces of information is a helmet ranking list, both in terms of the level of protection and the price.


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