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However, during the periods between each rebalancing, the weight of each market sector comprising the MLCXER Index will vary based on the performance of the underlying commodities and contracts within that market AOpen EW945-P.

The energy sector currently accounts for approximately Technological advances or the discovery of new oil reserves could lead to increases in worldwide production of oil and corresponding decreases in the price AOpen EW945-P crude oil. AOpen EW945-P addition, further development and commercial exploitation of alternative energy sources, including solar, wind, or geothermal energy, could reduce the demand for crude oil products and result in lower prices. Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc. Dragoumis, covering the period Advanced Search.

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The volatility of any Underlying can change significantly over the term of AOpen EW945-P securities. The levels of the Underlyings for your securities could fall sharply, which could result in a significant loss of principal. You should be willing to accept the downside market risk of the Underlyings and the potential to AOpen EW945-P a significant amount of your principal at maturity.

Even if the Final Level of each Underlying is greater than its respective Initial Level, you will not participate in the appreciation of any Underlying. If a Trigger Event occurs, the securities will be automatically redeemed and you will be entitled to receive a cash payment equal to the principal AOpen EW945-P of the securities you hold and the coupon payable on that Coupon Payment Date, and no further payments will be made in respect of the securities. In this case, you will lose the opportunity to continue to be AOpen EW945-P coupons from the Automatic Redemption Date to the scheduled Maturity Date.


If the securities are automatically redeemed prior to the Maturity Date, you may be unable to invest in other securities with a similar level of risk that provide you with the opportunity to be paid the same coupons as the securities. We will make no adjustments to the Physical Delivery Amount to account for any such fluctuation and AOpen EW945-P will bear the risk of any decrease in the value of the Physical Delivery Amount between the Valuation Date and the Maturity Date.

Драйверийг татаж авах AOpen EW945-P based on AOpen UX945G-LW(C)

As such, the securities will perform poorly AOpen EW945-P only one of the Underlyings performs poorly. Each additional Underlying to which the securities are linked increases the risk that the securities will perform poorly.

It is impossible to predict the relationship between the Underlyings. If the performances of the Underlyings exhibit no relationship to each other, AOpen EW945-P is more likely that one of the Underlyings will cause the securities to perform poorly.

Furthermore, to the extent that each Underlying represents a different market segment or market sector, the risk of one Underlying AOpen EW945-P poorly is greater. As a result, you are not only taking market risk on each Reference Share Issuer and its businesses, you are also taking a risk relating to the relationship between each Reference Share Issuer and Underlying to others.

You should make your own investigation into the Underlyings and the Reference Share Issuers. In connection AOpen EW945-P the offering of the securities, neither we nor our affiliates have participated in the preparation of any publicly available documents or made any due diligence inquiry with respect to the Reference Share Issuers. We or our affiliates may also trade in the Underlyings or instruments related to the Underlyings from time to time.

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Any of these hedging or trading activities as of the Trade Date and during the term of the securities could adversely affect our payment to you at maturity. The Price to Public of the securities includes any discounts or commissions as well as transaction costs such as expenses incurred to create, document and market the securities and the cost of hedging our risks as issuer of the securities through one or more of our affiliates which includes AOpen EW945-P projected profit. These costs will be effectively borne by you as an investor in the securities. These amounts will be retained by Credit Suisse or our affiliates in connection with our structuring and offering of the securities except to the extent discounts or commissions are reallowed to other broker-dealers or any costs are paid to third parties.


Drivers for AOpen EWP based on AOpen UXG-LW(C). Энэ хуудсан дээр та татаж авч болно драйверийг AOpen EWP AOpen EW945-P on AOpen UXG-LW(C). Татаж авах жолооч, сонгох төхөөрөмж доорх.

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