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: DSL tester

Or edit the number and start the outgoing call by confirming with the -key. One must enter valid VoIP account data: Proceed by the cursor - -key from the highlighted laye1 box to the VoIP service box to see deatils of Argus 152 ADSL Tester VoIP connection. Softkey Info open the list for the MOS score and the R-factor that both con- firm good speech quality. Upstream infos from the far end side are only available when RTCP is supported by the network. Tester and network agreed on codec G A-law and the connection is up since 2: The right screen shows the clearing cause when connection is stopped. Delete the default name and enter your own name for the test re- Port. Press Edit to configure the virtual line here named: Via menu Protocol one can proceed to the Argus 152 ADSL Tester protocol configuration that are part of the PPP profile.

In the PPP profile here: The PPP authorization data consist of: Without valid PPP username and password no Data test is possible!

In the PPP profile the individual authorization data must be entered by the technician. Without valid username and password no Data test is possible! Each PPP profile must be updated by the individual and private account data that every technician got from the operator Argus 152 ADSL Tester.

After selecting the IP address or entering a new one either Argus 152 ADSL Tester IP address or URL the ping packets sent and received are counted and delay times are measured and displayed together with more statistical data about packets and bytes sent and received under Status. New repeats the IP ping test. The last three screen show how to proceed to the VDSL2 line data. Scroll down to the layer 1 status box and when highlighted in blue press Info to open the pages with the layer 1 line parameters.

Intec Argus - NetScope Solutions

Argus 152 ADSL Tester VDSL2 line with profile 17a is up since 3: Details follow on the next pages…. DS output power for profile17a. Same applies to the FEC errorsthat indicate the number of xDSL subframes, that were error corrected since the line is up.

From the B1 DS attenuation we know that the line is about 2km long transmission will be similar to ADSL and in the bit- distribution —as in the results- we only see the upstram 0 and downstream 1 Argus 152 ADSL Tester. Compact, lightweight and robust: On request, the universal tester can also be extended on an individual basis, thus offering the user a high degree of flexibility.

For instance, additional copper tests Cu tests can be used to assess line quality, even without synchronization with the DSLAM. If necessary, these tests can also be considerably extended in the Argus 152 ADSL Tester by simply connecting the compact ARGUS Copper Box via USB, thus enabling all important electrical parameters such as voltage, current, isolation resistance, symmetry at 1 MHzand many more, to be automatically and quickly determined via tip, ring and ground.


The optional Active Probe II can even be used to carry out high-impedance measurements on an existing DSL connection, without creating interference on it. To quickly identify any asymmetries between the wires, Argus 152 ADSL Tester required, a symmetry test compares the balance over the whole DSL frequency spectrum up to 30 MHz between the tip wire and the ring wire with reference to ground. In the event of damage, the integrated TDR Time Domain Reflectometer function can be used to measure line lengths and trace sources of faults, such as bridged taps.


The ARGUS VDSL + ADSL Combi tester verifies interfaces and services down Argus 152 ADSL Tester the last detail - easily and reliably. Compact, lightweight and robust: The. The xDSL + GigE Combi Tester is an Triple Play,xDSL and GigaBit Ethernet tester.

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ARGUS The VDSL + ADSL combi tester is an Triple Play,

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