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Users can bring the scanner closer to particular areas of interest to pick up intricate details with a 3D point accuracy of 0. Thus, the Artec Leo can digitize a range of forms and sizes, from a small mechanical part to Artec AT12 large forensics scene.

3D Master will present Artec scanners and demonstrate reverse engineering process

The scanner also includes a 9 degrees of freedom DoF inertial system accelerometer, gyro and compass. This enables the device to understand the difference Artec AT12 the object being scanned, the surface it is on and the wall behind it so that it can automatically erase the unwanted data. Using a proprietary, two-in-one optics system, with a 3D camera and color camera combined as one, the Artec Leo has a precision in texture mapping at a resolution of 2. Handy for removing floors and tables. Editing raw scan data can be a bit chaotic. Switching the preview mode to points instead of geometry above can help in this case. You can also use the editing tools on processed meshes. In some cases it was better to leave some unwanted parts like the turntable in the raw scan data because they helped the registration algorithms these also take color into account, by the way. Then I just deleted the unwanted parts before exporting.

Editing, like this plane cut, can also be done after processing. There are also decimation and remeshing features. This can be done by putting the scanner in preview mode, point it at your subject and move the designated slider until it looks well-exposed. Artec Studio 11 offers many options for texture mapping. In Autopilot-mode you can let the software determine the resolution of the texture map automatically or set a preferred size. And you can always manually Artec AT12 the texture process if you need different settings. The default Autopilot settings result in textures that are often too dark. Corrections are easily made, but require re-running the Texturing algorithm.

This way you get the opportunity to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma values before saving the textures.

3D scanner uses AI to process raw 3D data

Artec AT12 The resolution and sharpness of the textures depend on the physical size of the subject. For a human bust scan, I discovered that there was only a slight increase in sharpness between a 1K and a 2K texture map and no visible difference when generating a 4K map. But as far as I know, the only method of capturing very high res textures is with a multi-camera photogrammetry setup. As a side note, it is possible to disable the LED flash ring on the scanner the projector will still strobe, though if Artec AT12 really want to use another light source. You can then set the exposure time for the color capture manually. But I discovered that the longer exposure time needed for continuous light greatly reduces the smoothness of the scanning experience and also made it harder to capture sharp textures.

So all Artec AT12 test scans are made with the flash on. Exporting and Sharing Like I said earlier, you can export the meshes in many formats.

DEVELOP3D - Review: Artec Eva & SpaceSpider

Unfortunately the software forced me to reduce the polycount before Artec AT12. You can see the unedited result on Sketchfab here. More results — and an analysis of them — in a moment, almost there! I simply uploaded my OBJs to Sketchfab to embed them in this post.


Results You might have expected the results to be scattered around the review like I did with other posts, but in this case I though it was better to save them for last. One reason for this is that some of them might take a while to load because of the many polygons. If Artec AT12 switch the render mode of the embed above to MatCap use the gear icon in the bottom left corneryou can clearly see the difference in geometric quality.

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Combined with a scan time of about 3 minutes I used a manual turntablethe time from start to finish for both models was 10 minutes max, including export to OBJ. It took about 20 minutes Artec AT12 my quad-core i7. To me, that difference is worth 20 minutes.

Shining3D recently released version 2. The handheld Rapid EinScan-Pro model in the center is a lot less detailed in comparison — just 75, polygons. I had to decimated the 7 million polygons of the former down to 1. Artec AT12 Eva scan is unedited and has thousand polygons. That comes at the cost of a reduced frame rate of 7,5 frames per second. There used to also be a more affordable non-Space Spider, but that model has been discontinued. ARTEC AT12 - there are 2 drivers found for the selected device, which you can download from our website for free.

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