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If the adapter s settings turn out to be in conflict with the settings of other adapters in the computer, you ll have to change them, or the LANtastic software won t run.

Introduct to Artisoft (LANtastic) hardware training module from 3/23/1996

This means that Artisoft Lantastic 2000 Noderunner ATC may need to know what other adapters are installed in each computer and what their settings are. For example, one setting that often needs changing is called the IRQ interrupt requestwhich the adapter uses to communicate with the computer s CPU. If this is the case, you ll have to change the IRQ setting on one of the adapters in order to give them each a clear channel to the CPU. Device driver software You ll do a final part of adapter installation while you re installing LANtastic. At that time you ll have to know the brand and model of adapter that you have so the LANtastic Setup program can determine which driver to install.

In some cases you ll have to insert the diskette that came with the adapter. If you don t feel comfortable with adapter configuration and driver selection, get an expert to help you. It s easier to install the adapter correctly in the first place than it is to troubleshoot problems afterwards. If you have adapters that work with another category of cable, ask your dealer or call Artisoft Technical Support for instructions. Cable is the wire that connects to the end of the network Artisoft Lantastic 2000 Noderunner ATC at the back of each computer. Twisted pair is inexpensive and conveniently pre-wired in the walls and ceilings of many office buildings.

But thin coax is a high-quality alternative. Make sure that every segment of cable on the network is of similar type and high quality. One bad piece of cable can cause problems on the whole network. Before you buy your cable, you ll need to decide how long each segment needs to be. This depends on several factors besides the distance between computers. For example, if you put too many computers on a certain length of cable, you ll end up with communication problems. The length that you can use varies with the different types of cable. So if you re Artisoft Lantastic 2000 Noderunner ATC to install your own cable, be sure you understand all this. Here are a few tips: Before you go to buy cable, measure and write down the distance between the computers in your network or, in the case of twisted pair, the distance between each computer and an amplifier device called a hub.

Remember to include enough length to reach around corners and furniture. If you already have your adapters, take Artisoft Lantastic 2000 Noderunner ATC along when you go to buy your cable. Recommended types appear in the table below.

Buy cable with the end connectors already attached or have the end connectors installed by a qualified technician. The hub is Artisoft Lantastic 2000 Noderunner ATC amplifier that lets you use conveniently long pieces of twisted pair cable. Each computer on the network connects to the hub with a cable. With the hub located in the center, your network will resemble a star.

Don t use standard flat phone wire, often called Silver Satin, in place of twisted pair cable. It doesn t work for computer networks. It doesn t meet the required specifications for Ethernet computer networks. If you re using thin Artisoft Lantastic 2000 Noderunner ATC cable, you ll need to buy a T-connector for each computer on the network, along with a few spares.

Artisoft (Lantastic) Ethernet Adapter Drivers Download - Update Artisoft (Lantastic) Software

You ll also have to purchase two ohm terminators per network segment. Your dealer will know exactly what these items are.

Recommended cable types Recommended types of twisted pair and thin coax cable are shown in the table below. These boxes also show the longest length of cable that you can run between two computers. In the table, a segment is the total cable length between either a hub and an adapter or two terminators.

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To install internal adapters often called network interface cards or boards you have to take off the cover of each computer. Below are a few adapter-installation tips: Before you start, turn off the computer, monitor and any attached printers or other devices. Before handling an adapter, get rid of any static electricity in your body by touching the computer s frame.

The /C model is for thin coax cable; the Artisoft Lantastic 2000 Noderunner ATC for unshielded [ ] Artisoft Inc reports that its new LANtastic NodeRunner Series. Artisoft (Lantastic) driver. Artisoft (Lantastic) Network Drivers - 16 drivers found Noderunner A/T/C driver, Noderunnerzip [more], Windows

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