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This is where the privacy settings come into the picture - keeping your social circles separated. Using privacy Asus P52F Intel INF you can share only as much information as you want, with those people you want to. This is very impor- tant in keeping your profile clean to anyone from prospective recruiters to colleagues. Head to the Account' dropdown button at the top right corner and click on pri- vacy settings.

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This is your dashboard for controlling content. Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, are your default options. Better yet is to slot people as you add them into lists such as Colleagues, Random People, Asus P52F Intel INF Contacts, etc. When you click on customise settings you can specify what you share with whom. For example if you do not want to share your posts with a group of people called "Work", just click on the drop down for that content and click 'Custom'.

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Here you can add the "Work" list under Hide this from. Similarly you should hide particular albums from being viewable to certain lists.

It's a little painful to begin with, but once it's all set up and all your connections are sorted, it will give you the power to control your appearance to the world in general - and that's perhaps the first step you need to take towards becoming a social network star. Twitter Some people vent, some rant, and some talk about films and philosophy; what- ever Asus P52F Intel INF was intended for, people A good cause 4 kU A few months ago, Paromita Deb Areng, who is an HR professional and a Sunday photographer, wanted to do something different for her 30th birthday. She knew she didn't want a holiday Lounging on the beaches of Goa, nor the cooL mountains of the Kumaon. She wanted to make a difference, wanted to make it even more memorable by bringing a bit of joy to some unfortunate orphan's Life.

To achieve this goaL she Leveraged the power of social networking. Posting on friend's walls, RTs, reasonable pricing and of course the thoughtful nature of the initiative all helped her reach her target. Ofl Mr?


DBkKT You don't want to Look too attention seeking Commenting on other people's posts every now and then Posting for the sake of posting something Updating even your professional details on Facebook. Many recruitment firms Lurk around Sharing meaningless baby videos. No one really wants to see those.

But once in a while a funny video will be appreciated by your friends Changing your profile pic every now and then. But choose carefully. You don't want one in which you've got a beer mug in hand Posting updates one after another. Even if you have a lot to say, it's good to pace yourself. Give people time to digest what you've said Twitter Building a speciality area. This creates an identity for yourself. You never know who is Looking, and what conclusion are being drawn A few personal posts now and then. This doesn't mean stuff Like "had 2 spoons of sugar in my tea this morning" Re-tweeting too much of stuff Asus P52F Intel INF a Little witty.

It's a Little difficult to do in characters, but it will set you apart Bad-mouthing people. This is a very close knit circle, and word spreads quickly Responding to questions, comments, replies. People Like to be responded to Pushing Links too much, no matter how great the stuff your sharing. Think original content Sticking to a topic of interest Using bad grammar. Post simple sentences but make them read correctly Creating privacy Asus P52F Intel INF on Facebook and Follower Lists on twitter.


The flirting please. Twitter is very picky about that sort of thing Linkedln A Linkedln profile if you haven't started one already Changing your profile picture too frequently Valuing people's time - reach out, don't spam Frivolous posts Joining relevant groups. But Asus P52F Intel INF.

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Posting your twitter feed into Linkedin Updating your profile regularly Using too many apps on your profile page General Posting Asus P52F Intel INF the platform that gives you most response and that you're comfortable with Using foul Language on some networks. Understand the culture first. Using a common username across all networks, unless you want a separate identity Posting things you're not really sure about. Opinions are fine have found their own interesting ways of using this platform.

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Though most of what goes on in the twittervese is utter rot generated by people with loads of time on their hands, if you make the right follow choices, you can use it to your advantage in many ways. The open nature of the platform allows you to connect with people, make contacts, get jobs, and even keep up with news specific to your interests. It's best if you provide a personal touch to your posts, but keep your posts restricted to a certain subject area. Your bio is very important and in keeping with the infa- mous twitter character credo, this too has a restricted count. Keep it specific and quirky all at once. Not really. Use a random word generator, and throw in some articulates like enthusiast, dreamer, Asus P52F Intel INF.

Download and Update ASUS P52F Notebook Drivers for your Asus P52F Intel INF XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 32 bit and zip, Intel INF Update Driver, Windows 7 (bit). If you want to download and update ASUS P52F Notebook drivers easily, try the all in one Chipset, Intel INF Update Driver, Windows XP, MB, Download.

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