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It is also possible to use up to six devices in a chain without performance sacrifices. The Thunderbolt port is mechanically and electrically downward compatible to Mini DisplayPort connectors.

Thunderbolt ports might replace the popular and inexpensive USB interface in the long run, but corresponding devices are still rare and expensive. The external USB 3. Kensington, 2x USB 3.

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The signal quality was above average in the individual setup of the author. The transfer rates can be maintained with an increased distance and therefore more obstacles between the device and the router. We can usually see a pretty big drop the bigger the distance gets, but that was not the case here.


Accessories The box only contains the power adaptor, warranty information, security information as well as a zip tie and a ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN manual. The potential buyer doesn't get any recovery DVDs. Maintenance Our review unit is a device from the shop, so a complete disassembly was out of the question. The cover is secured by one screw and can easily be opened. The battery is fixed inside the case. This worldwide warranty can be extended to three years with an optional Asus Warranty Extension. Input Devices Touchpad Asus uses the available surface and equips the GJY with an unusually large touchpad with very large dedicated buttons that have a slightly roughened surface and the ROG-typical shape.

The surface is not sensitive up into the peripheral areas and it is completely smooth, so swiping gestures don't create a haptic feedback. You can configure gestures with up to three fingers simultaneously via Asus Smart Gesture picture. We cannot ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN the precision, but the cursor sometimes had problems following very fast movements. The smooth keys offer a perfect amount of resistance in the opinion of the author and offer a good haptic feedback thanks to the firm pressure point.

Keyboard Our impression of the keyboard was excellent. The slightly concave keys ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN an anti-slipping coating, a long travel, a firm pressure point and a good stroke. The typing experience suggests a very high quality and should also be able to convince frequent writers. Even the larger keys are pretty quiet.

The pretty standard layout does not hold many surprises. The left one activates the Nvidia GeForce Experience software and the button right next to it launches Steam.

ASUS G751jy WiFi Wireless Antenna 14008-00370600

The other three can be assigned via ROG MacroKey pictureeither with macros, applications or websites. I haven't looked inside to check if the hardware is fine ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN my knowledge of this subject sums up in checking if the card is burned or visually broken and that's pretty much it. I was hoping that i wouldn't have to do that but maybe I will give it a try in the weekend.


Just to clarify a few points The reasons I suggested you re-boot your router are 2 fold It's a very easy thing to do Routers keep a list of MAC addresses and allow or deny Internet access based on the stored data and whatever configuration options have been selected. Much as a reboot often corrects random issues with PC's, so too does a reboot of the router often correct random router related issues.

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I've seen it many times. I believe the default channels are 1, 6 and 10 but don't take my word on ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN channels, I'm going from memory. You should never assign any of those channels to a computer on your network as this will cause conflicts and could result in the symptoms you are experiencing. I'm not saying that is your problem Others on this forum may have more detailed information on WiFi channel allocation than I.


As ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN the question of your lack of knowledge Again, there are numerous YouTube videos detailing exactly how to remove the keyboard bezel to gain access to the top of the MoBo. I would add only one caution, that being that you disconnect the battery as soon as you gain access to the area where it plugs into the MoBo. ASUS in their infinite wisdom made the battery pretty much none removable.

GJY WIFI problem with INTEL Wireless-AC

Sure it can be removed but it requires the nearly total dismantling of the LapTop It is never a good idea to work on a laptop with the battery connected, so be ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN to unplug the connector as soon as you gain access to it. On the Asus page I find this "Wireless Version V I checked I have Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC in my laptop. What may I. I wanted to know if it's possible to upgrade (switch) the GJY's WiFi card (the Intel wireless-AC ) with a more modern counterpart. 2) ASUS ROG G751JY Intel WLAN anyone's knowledge, is there a whitelist in place in the notebook's BIOS that would prevent such an upgrade?

So at least someone has.

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