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The TLL-CR is an excellent interconnect solution for cloud computing, virtualization, storage, and other data center applications. As a result, the system benefits from higher bandwidth, lower latency, and reduced power consumption.

It is supported in the same standard software distributions and allows running InfiniBand applications unmodified. TLL-CR integrates a full fledged hardware traffic manager for robust flow control, traffic management, and predictable QoS.

The adapter's two ports and IEEE TLL-CR Ethernet-only unified networking reduces the data center's cost in adapters, cables, switches, rack space, power, equipment spares, management tools, planning, installation, and operation. It offers high performance on a scalable building-block approach; performance and capacity increase as you add multiple building blocks. The GPFS Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire Server is very cost competitive, with extreme data integrity and reduced latency with faster rebuild times. This new storage solution is an entirely IBM-provided solution, built on standard System x components with GPFS software tuned to support this configuration.

There are two models: Model 24 and Model Each model has two x M4 servers twintailed with either four or six JBODs, with up to disk drives. This solution leverages the high demand Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire GPFS software and couples it with a System x hardware solution, and is provided exclusively through the Intelligent Cluster portfolio. With no storage controllers, the data resides closer to the compute nodes for faster rebuild times. The hardware for this solution can be ordered through x-config.

TLL-CR Chelsio Communications

The solution is currently password protected in x-config so a password will need to be acquired. Highlights Single, integrated, fully supported IBM storage solution Built to leverage a strong GPFS software market High-capacity, scalable building-block approach; performance and capacity increase as you add multiple building blocks Unique, innovative GPFS Native RAID capability, which provides extreme data integrity and reduced latency with faster rebuild times, and enhanced data protection Cost competitive Positioning Complex solutions - made simple by IBM Deploying solutions for technical computing, high-performance computing HPCanalytics, and cloud environments can place a significant burden on IT. GPFS Storage Server, fulfilled through Intelligent Clusterleverages decades of IBM experience to reduce the complexity of deployment with preintegrated, delivered, and fully supported solutions that match best-in-industry components with optimized solution design.

With GPFS Storage Server, clients can focus their efforts on maximizing business value, instead of consuming valuable resources to design, optimize, install, and support the infrastructure required to meet business demands. GPFS Storage Server allows organizations to start small and build using incremental additions, providing expanded capacity and bandwidth with each additional GPFS building-block. Optimized solution design GPFS Storage Server features IBM System x servers, storage enclosures and drives, software, and Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire components that Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire for a wide choice of technology within an integrated, delivered solution.

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IBM thoroughly tests and optimizes each solution for reliability, interoperability, and maximum performance, so clients can quickly deploy the system and get to work achieving their business goals. Increase results through lower latency and faster rebuild Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire are expanding the use of technical computing and HPC to solve complex problems with a need for high capacity, low latency, and quick rebuild times on their Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire systems. They are looking for great results at a low per-terabyte price. These features let clients quickly put the system to work and increase productivity.


End-to-end solutions with end-to-end support by IBM GPFS Storage Server is a solution that is built, tested, delivered, and installed by IBMand supported as a single solution, or included as part of an overall Intelligent Cluster compute and data installation. IBM provides single point-of-contact, solution-level support that includes both IBM and third-party components to deliver maximum system availability throughout the life of the system, so clients can spend less time maintaining Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire and more time delivering results. Platform Computing products can optimize the deployment of complex applications and workloads in many of the world's largest environments, including computationally and data intensive Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire, manufacturing, financial analytics, and business and research applications.

Many organizations face the constant challenge of managing the cost and complexity associated with managing, maintaining, and analyzing massive amounts of data across multiple environments.

Platform Computing can help simplify the setup, integration, and resource management of heterogeneous infrastructure while driving up server utilization, accelerating application performance, and helping to greatly improve time to results. Business value is delivered in days versus weeks or months. Product portfolio Platform Computing delivers a focused technical computing management software portfolio ideal for engineering, financial services, digital media, oil and gas, life sciences, government laboratories, and other research and development organizations in need of simplified, high-performance, and agile systems workload and resource management. Enables powerful workload management for demanding, distributed, and mission-critical, high-performance technical computing environments.

Compared Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire other solutions that lack key components and vendor support, Platform Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire includes a comprehensive set of intelligent, policy-driven scheduling features. It is designed to enable optimal utilization of all compute infrastructure resources while increasing application throughput, helping to ensure a high return on investment. Offers robust cluster and workload management capabilities that are accessible using the latest design in web-based interfaces, making it powerful, yet easy to use.

Open-E DSS V7, 64bit(x86_64) Hardware (and Software) Compatibility List

The result is Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire time to system readiness and productivity, as well as optimal application throughput for reduced time to results. Backed by the one of the industry's best customer support programs, Platform HPC incorporates nearly two decades of product and technology leadership. Enables enterprise-class management for running distributed application services on a scalable, shared, heterogeneous grid.

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It accelerates a wide variety of compute-intensive and data-intensive applications, quickly computing results while making optimal use of available infrastructure. Unlike other solutions that can perform poorly or lack dynamic resource sharing, Platform Symphony's efficient low-latency middleware and scheduling architecture is designed to deliver the performance and agility required to predictably meet and exceed throughput goals for the most demanding analytic workloads, including Hadoop MapReduce applications. Provisions, runs, manages, and monitors high-performance computing clusters.


This first release, Platform Cluster Manager Advanced Edition, automates assembly of multiple high-performance technical computing environments on a shared compute Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire for use by multiple teams. It creates an agile environment for running technical computing and analysis workloads to consolidate disparate cluster infrastructure, resulting in increased hardware utilization and the ability to meet or exceed SLAs while lowering costs.

Platform MPI supports the broadest range of industry-standard platforms, interconnects, Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire operating systems, helping ensure that parallel applications can run anywhere. Provides an advanced tool for visualizing and analyzing massive amounts of workload data. It enables managers, planners, and administrators to easily correlate job, resource, and license data from one or multiple clusters for data-driven decision making. With Chelsio T520-LL-CR Adapter Unified Wire insight into HPC data center environments, organizations can identify and quickly remove bottlenecks, spot emerging trends, and plan capacity more effectively. Traditional business intelligence solutions require significant time and multiple steps to translate raw data into usable information.

Chelsio's TLL-CR is a dual-port, ultra-low latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Unified Wire adapter with a PCI Express host bus interface, optimized for. Chelsio's TCR is a quad port 1/10/25Gb Ethernet Unified Wire Adapter. The TLL-CR is a dual-port, ultra-low latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet Unified.

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