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Workstations 22 Jun, By: System provides stellar performance and expandability for demanding users on the go. For some time, Dell's Precision line of mobile workstations has met the needs of high-performance users on the go. Now, the company's new Precision M mobile workstation raises the bar even higher with its performance and flexibility. Dell made a splash a few months ago when it launched the model at Autodesk Universitycalling it "the world's most powerful mobile workstation. The Dell Precision M6500 Notebook EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card M is based on the Intel Core i7 quad-core processor.

The system we reviewed was built on the Intel iXM processor Extreme Edition, which uses a nm die. The base frequency of the iXM is 2. Memory bandwidths available for the system are 1, 1, and 1, MHz. Several LCD screen options also are available.

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Display resolution as high as 1, x 1, is available with this particular panel. The Dell Precision M has choices — lots of choices. The finish is a dark metallic anodized aluminum gray that resists fingerprint smudges.

A backlit keyboard comes standard on all models. The Precision M has numerous connectivity options, including a powered six-pin connector, four USB 2.

Additional connectivity options include Bluetooth 2. Testing and Performance Putting the Precision M through a battery of benchmark tests to gauge performance, I started by running several iterations of the Cadalyst Benchmark Test c v5.

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With this configuration, the C total index score wasthe 3D graphics index wasthe 2D graphics index wasthe disk index wasand the CPU index was The benchmark ran to completion in 19 minutes. These performance numbers are very good. Next up was SPECviewperf Although this benchmark is long overdue for updating and can have problems running on Windows 7, it is nonetheless a valuable indicator of how various CAD and design applications perform within a given system configuration. I ran my tests under Windows Vista bit, which worked fine. I did, however, have to disable the user-access control UAC for the duration of Dell Precision M6500 Notebook EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card test — something I wouldn't typically recommend, but that was necessary with SPECviewperf 10 running under Vista bit.

Dell Wireless 5620 Dw5620 Mini-pci Express Evdo-hspa Mobile Broadband WWAN Card

The results for the single-threaded test were as follows: Dell's Precision M mobile workstation is a powerful system with flexible configuration options for users with demanding needs. I didn't run the usual benchmarks with Autodesk 3ds Max because of the lack of a released and readily available benchmark that uses many of the new features in the current release. SPEC's test for 3ds Max became outdated some time ago, and although a new version has been developed, it hasn't been released. I understand that Autodesk is participating in the completion of a new version of this benchmark and hope to see some developments in this area in the near future. I had to make some decisions about how to evaluate the newer Intel processor that powers the workstation, given that Dell Precision M6500 Notebook EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card system has a Turbo mode that can be activated to balance performance and that it's possible to assign either single or multiple processes to a single core in the processor.

Ultimately, I opted to test the base configuration as received, with the observation that these options are available for tuning system performance to individual needs.


For testing, I set vertical sync to Force Off and minimized various background processes as much as possible, although Vista bit uses several required processes at all times. As previously noted, I had to disable UAC to run some of the benchmarks. Although I can't substantiate Dell's claim that the Precision M is the world's most powerful mobile workstation because I haven't tested every current model, I will say it is the fastest mobile workstation I've ever tested. Battery Life Most users will Dell Precision M6500 Notebook EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card this system connected to an electrical outlet whenever possible to maximize power and conserve battery life, but it is, after all, a mobile workstation, so you'll want an idea of how long you could be truly mobile using this device.


Prior to testing, I fully charged the nine-cell lithium ion battery, disabled polling devices such as Wi-Fi, and eliminated nonessential background processes. I let the system reduce screen brightness while running on battery, but I didn't power down the hard disks or display. I ran two battery run-down tests: For the idle-system test, the fully charged battery lasted 2 hours, 36 minutes. For the test with the C benchmark Dell Precision M6500 Notebook EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card continuously, the battery life was 1 hour, 30 minutes.

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My results represent average battery life rather than an absolute maximum duration. I believe the battery performance of a high-end mobile workstation such as this should not be compared with that of a conventional — and much less powerful — laptop system. Considering this system's configuration and performance characteristics, these numbers are quite good. A remarkably broad array of configuration options is available, so pricing can vary significantly, and you also can add port replicators, notebook stands, display and monitor stands, a 2-MP camera, or external storage modules, among other accessories.

Dell reports that more expandability options and a 3-MP camera option will be coming soon. Warranty coverage includes Dell's standard three-year basic limited warranty and three-year next—business day on-site service. Dell Wireless EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card Driver This package provides the Dell Wireless EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card Driver and is supported on Latitude and Precision Precision M XPS Notebook LX and Vostro Notebook / that are running the following Wi.

Dell Wireless EVDO-HSPA Mobile Broadband Mini-Card Driver Driver and is supported on the Inspiron, XPS Notebook, Vostro Notebook, Precision and.

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