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DIMM slots 1 and 3. DIMM slots 2, 1, 4, and 3. DIMM slots 1, 3 and 5. If using more than 4 DIMMs, use: Note that there is only one EVGA Classified SR-2 EVBot near the center of the DIMM slot. This slot matches the slot on the DIMM to ensure the component is installed properly.

[Gadget] EVGA EVBot Overclocking Device

Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the module clips outward. Determine if it would be easier to make all the connections prior to this step or to secure the motherboard and then make all the connections. It is normally easier to secure the motherboard first.

Be sure that the CPU fan assembly has enough clearance for the chassis covers to lock into place and for the expansion cards. Also make sure the CPU Fan assembly is aligned with the vents on the covers. If there are studs that do not align with a mounting hole on the motherboard, it is recommended that you EVGA Classified SR-2 EVBot that stud to prevent the possibility of a short circuit. In most cases, it is recommended to secure the motherboard using a minimum of nine 9 spacers. Ensure that the fan assembly is aligned with the chassis vents according to the fan assembly instruction.

Secure the motherboard with a minimum of nine screws. Make sure that the power supply cable and pins are properly aligned with the connector on the motherboard. Firmly plug the power supply cable into the connector and make sure it is secure. Align the pins to the connectors and press firmly until seated. You can plug in the extra 6 pin PCI-E power connectors optional if you need them for extreme overclocking. Connect the blue connector the cable end with a single connector to the motherboard. Connect the black connector the cable with the two closely spaced black and gray connectors to the Ultra ATA master device. Connect the gray connector to a slave device. If you install two hard disk drives, you must configure the second drive as a slave device by setting its jumper accordingly.

Refer to the hard disk documentation for the jumper settings. If an ATA disk drive and a disk drive using any other IDE transfer protocol are attached to the same cable, the maximum transfer rate between the drives may be reduced to that of the slowest drive.

When the system is turn on status, the LED is on. When the system is turned on, the LED will be on. When the system is turned off or EVGA Classified SR-2 EVBot S3 status, the LED will be off. Some chassis do not have all four cables. Be sure to match the name on the connectors to the corresponding pins.

Pressing the power button on the front panel turns the system on and off. It also supports two 2 USB 3. The motherboard also contains two pin onboard header connectors that EVGA Classified SR-2 EVBot be used to connect an optional external bracket containing two 2 USB 2.

FAQ ID # - How to flash my EVBot?

Secure the bracket to either the front or EVGA Classified SR-2 EVBot panel of your chassis. The front Audio supports re-tasking function. The fans are automatically turned off after the system enters S3, S4 or S5 mode. Connect a 3-pin connector to pins 1, 2, and 3 on the CPU fan header. When installing a PCI-E x16 card, be sure the retention clip snaps and locks the card into place.

[FS] EVGA SR-2 + Full MIPS Waterblock Set + Samsung Wonder RAM + EVbot!

If the card is not seated properly, it could cause a short across the pins. It is useful during troubleshooting situations. When the system is powered on, the LED is on. When the EVGA Classified SR-2 EVBot slot is functional, the LED is on. When the system receiving power, the LED is on. They are located right above the pin ATX Connector. In default shipping configurations, all slots are enabled with the jumpers in the left position.

Chiller's Hybrid SR-2 - The Corsair User Forums

From top to bottom, PCI-E slots 1, 3, 5, 7, 2, 4, 6 respectively. The EVGA EVBot is a useful tool for tweakers and overclockers to maximize their For EVGA P55 Motherboards: P03; For EVGA Classified SR-2 Motherboard.


EVGA is proud to present the EVGA Classified SR-2, the absolute ultimate for the Supports EVGA's EVbot; 8 Phase Digital PWM; 4-Way SLI® Support; SATA III.

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