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To use 2 cpu's we use windows NT 4. And yes you can game on Windows NT 4. The games I will show are: Join our Retro facebook group! Creative Sound Blaster Live! Inwin QN 3rd revision I believe Monitor: Microsoft Natural Keyboard Joystick: Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Gamepad: Microsoft Sidewinder game pad Mouse: Microsoft Cordless Wheelmouse This was a wild ride of a video.

Build: K6-III+ and FX PCI by PhilsComputerLab

The Voodoo 5 being DOA was alarming and nearly derailed the whole project The Motherboard doesn't seem to support two floppy drives as well. I never had both drives working in it. I still need to do some Gigabyte GA-5AX ALi IDE 3.56 testing to figure out if I can put a different BIOS on it to support that properly. And another problem was that I couldn't get the gameport on the sound card to work. I need to try using the VXD drivers still to see if that makes a difference. All those problems aside this computer is really great. I was pushing its backwards compatibility a bit far with MS Flight Sim only about the top half of the screen is meant to be shown but a Win98 build like this is great for old games.

But those make for a pale imitation of the real deal.

The struggle is part of the fun, although maybe not recapping a Voodoo 5 level of struggle. This is going to be the start of a series of videos that will showcase different aspects of building an running an old computer like this. The upcoming videos about the parts I chose will help explain why they are the ones I went with and how well they work. This video was meant to be a cathartic romp of 90's PC nostalgia. There will be a lot more in depth content from this later. Playlists of more stuff like this: It costs more and is harder to find, so is it worth getting? We will compare the performance in benchmarks against two other processors, but also look at power draw and compatibility with chipsets and coolers. Join me in building a retro sleeper PC! From the outside it looks like any modern PC. But turn it on and this machines Gigabyte GA-5AX ALi IDE 3.56 you back to the good old days.

What you can see in this video: I have no idea why. The cheap alternative to the Athlon. We go over the specifications and have benchmarks comparing Gigabyte GA-5AX ALi IDE 3.56 with a Pentium III. Big thanks to Artex from Vogons for letting me use your photos! Which processor is faster clock for clock?

In this video we will take a look at various retro games and see how they run on this machine. I provide an overview of the unit, cover the specifications and give a fair assessment of what sort of games run well on this device.


Throughout the video there is lots of game footage: We will check out this motherboard in great detail, use the time codes below to skip to relevant sections. Items are sold out!

It hasn't been cleaned ever, so in this video we will find out what parts are inside, do some cleaning, install Windows 98, Gigabyte GA-5AX ALi IDE 3.56 a game, some benchmarks and I swap some parts to improve the performance. It was Nvidia's second graphics card to market and you it has all the DNA of what got Nvidia to where they are now. In this game we take a closer look at this card, what's good about it, what's not so good about it.


There are lots of games we will try out, and we will also touch on topics such as antialiasing, image quality, V-Sync, driver options and more! Shadows of the Empire - Overboard! Thank you to all the individuals that donated, and thank you to all the companies that are working with Gigabyte GA-5AX ALi IDE 3.56. Any questions about anything shown, please leave a comment! We also look at power draw, compare the specifications and discuss if they are worth getting for a Retro Gaming PC. The game in the background is Colin McRae Rally from MEWindows NT.

Gigabyte GA-5AX Rev 5.2 ALi AGP Driver

Description:ALi IDE driver for Gigabyte GA-5AX (rev. ) Type: Chipset ALi IDE Download Gigabyte GA-5AX ALi IDE 3.56 GA-5AX (rev. ) ALi IDE v driver. Developer: (Gigabyte). Gigabyte GA-5AX Rev ALi AGP Driver - Drivers. 2 x Ultra DMA 33/66 Bus Master IDE ports on board 2. 1 x FDD, 2 x COM, 1 x.

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