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If you've chosen my method of Linksys WAP11 the host use two IP addresses, you can leave all of the IP, Mask, and Gateway settings at default. The first item of security is to change the SSID. The default is "Linksys" and you can put anything you want here. Maximum 32 characters, any character on your keyboard including spaces. If you intend to share your wireless with fellow campers, you could use something like: Channel numbers are used to avoid interference.

Linksys Wireless-B Access Point WAP11 - wireless access point

Default is 6, but you may find that another one will work better. You can play with this as often as you want - your wirelessly connected computers will adjust automatically to the WAP setting. Now we come to one of the more important aspects of security, the WEP Wireless encryption protocol setting. Setting a WEP key enforces security Linksys WAP11 two ways. First, it keeps all but the most dedicated hackers out of your system, and secondly it keeps them from capturing and decoding your data stream which might have sensitive information.

Change from the default Disable to Mandatory, then click the Wep Key Setting button, which will produce the dialog below. You want the highest security possible, so change 64bit to bit.

Asus K95VM Notebook Fast BootRe: Cannot access configuration page for WAP11 Access Point
Panasonic Viera TH-55CX600W TV

Enter a phrase of your choosing and click Generate. You will need it when you configure your client computers, and it is hard to be sure of some characters - for Linksys WAP11, the character that looks like a 1 or lower case L is actually an I.


In Notepad that will be obvious in most fonts. That will Linksys WAP11 you back to the setup screen, where the only thing remaining is to Linksys WAP11 sure the AP Mode is the default of Access Point. Click Apply on the setup screen to save what you've done so far, then click the Password Tab. Enter a password that you will remember to get back into the configuration in the future.

Now click the Advanced tab, then the Wireless Tab: On the wireless tab there are three things of interest. The first is Authentication type, where "Open System" is correct for Linksys WAP11 security. It is counter-inuitive, but correct.

Linksys Wireless-B Access Point WAP11 - wireless access point Overview - CNET

Do a Google search on "Open Shared Authentication Wireless" and read some of the articles if you want more information on why you should not use shared keys. If Linksys WAP11 have no desire to share your connection, select Disable.

If you want to broadcast the fact that you have a shareable connection, select Enable. Potential users will have to come Linksys WAP11 you to get the WEP key in order to connect.


Unless you have very old wireless adapters in your clients that can't use a Short Preamble you should change from Long to Short. Click Apply As a final measure of security if you do not want to Linksys WAP11 shareable, you can filter on MAC addresses of specific network adapters, which will usually be on the adapter itself or can be discovered with various tools.

Cannot access configuration page for WAP11 Access Point

That setting is done on the Filter tab: Click Apply after you have entered Linksys WAP11 MAC addresses. Now close your browser and reopen it. The Security Tab lets you set four keys in either 64 or bit mode, either by setting a passphrase to generate the keys or directly in Hexadecimal.


You can't enter Linksys WAP11 addresses directly, but instead must use a text file and load it into the WAP The file can be named as you like, and be located somewhere on the computer that is running the SNMP utility. Last but not least is the Info Tab.

This is only valid in Access Point mode. The Statistics Tab gives you wireless and Ethernet network statistics, so you can at least see if things are alive. The Linksys WAP11 info can't be saved, refreshed, or cleared either. WAP11 set to Point to Point mode connected to another port on the same switch. Question How can I get my Linksys WAP11 configured using advanced setup?

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Answer The most common configuration for Access Points is the Access Point. you're already using one WAP11, you can extend Linksys WAP11 wireless network's range by installing a second one that “bounces” received data further down the line.

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