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While they are intended to make access to the scanner's features simple, they rely on specific software a printer driver, an email application, etc.

Great if they work, as long as they work. But you're really better off learning how to activate these features in software that won't break when your OS is updated. Digital ICE -- Interestingly enough, Microtek 4800 ULed SE Scanner button-activated version addresses physical defects like scratches, rips and Microtek 4800 ULed SE Scanner of prints. To handle defects in film and transparencies, you enable ICE in software. Scan -- Captures an image to a file or an application for further processing. Copy -- Behaves much like a photocopier, scanning whatever is on the scanner bed and sending it immediately to your printer through your computer. Unlike an all-in-once device, however, this depends on installing a printer driver.

Scanner Review: Microtek ScanMaker i

Email -- Opens the scanned image in your email editor. Custom -- You can assign one of four common functions to this button: Power Saving which turns the lamp off to prolong its lifeScan a second Scan button with alternate settingsFax to launch a Fax driver on your computer and Launch Application to select an application to open the scanned image. Since you can load four strips of 35mm film, each with six frames, that's more than a small Microtek 4800 ULed SE Scanner.

Microtek 4800 ULed SE Scanner Film is loaded emulsion up. The film holders for and 4x5 film feature spring-actuated tension grips which hold the film perfectly flat during scanning for edge-to-edge sharpness. Curled film is a common scan problem for film this size, so it's big news to see it so deftly handled and at this price, too.

The EZ-Lock Adapter The yellow circle highlights the sponge tension grip Flat Film When closed the film is pulled tight and flat, as seen from the bottom You can also scan film up to 8x12 on the flatbed using a small Film Alignment Ruler that includes a clear calibration strip to help crop the image. Using the film holders is simple enough, but spend a minute with the manual to see how to align Microtek 4800 ULed SE Scanner images facing the glass and lock them into the various holders. To scan, you first have to remove the black mat that usually provides a background to reflective scanning.

Simply slide the mat to the side away from the lid lock and lift it out. It's a little confusing until you realize there are plastic "springs" that hold it in place. The film holders then slip into the frame vacated by the mat.

ScanMaker i800 Plus

The Plastic Spring Each of the film holders has a calibration strip at the front end of the holder where the scanning starts, that is. Even without a holder, the Film Alignment Ruler includes a calibration strip. The 35mm Adapter's Calibration Strip Note the cutout at the right side of the black adapter We asked Jerry what the strip does. Of course, the lamp intensity is not uniform from edge to edge and all CCD elements are not identical, particularly in regards to noise. We had a little trouble with ours, which is a different design from the one used in the i The i holder carries twice as many strips but they are held in place by a long flexible flap on the top side of the strip.

You should just be able to slip a film strip into the slot formed by Microtek 4800 ULed SE Scanner plastic holder and the flexible flap, but we found it took some effort. And when we tried to remove our film strip, it was stuck. After removing the film, we were able to loosen the grip by running a thick sheet of paper into the slot and leaving it for an hour or two, but we recommend testing your holder for this before using it with your precious film.

Much as we love to review software, we shy away from it when we review scanners because you do have options. ScanMaker 5 Microtek includes three. Its ScanWizard software, which knows about the i's buttons, is designed for the casual user.


ScanWizard Pro knows about the film templates, but we find it less than a felicitous experience. A version of SilverFast SE for the i is also included.


If you know SilverFast, that's good news. Unfortunately, VueScan yet another third party application, but one that is not hardware specific did not recognize the iDownload Microtek ULed SE Scanner Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 free. The package provides the installation files for Microtek 4800 ULed SE Scanner ULed SE. : Microtek ScanMaker Scanner: Electronics. Ulead Photo Explorer SE is the best program included, making organization of my scans very.

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