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It's great for anyone who does CPU-intensive work, as its overclocking feature works brilliantly and vastly improves core performance.

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Its graphics performance is rather average, however, so anyone who plays games might be better off with an MSI GX600-08 Modem M or Dell XPS M Some half-size keys make typing difficult; pokey multitasking performance; frame rates suitable only MSI GX600-08 Modem the casual gamer; mediocre battery life. The MSI GX's snazzy case looks like a powerhouse gaming laptop, but its performance is better suited to the casual gamer.

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Probably the coolest feature which I have not seen since my 20Mhz desktop is a Turbo button to overclock the machine on the fly to bump the processor speed from 2. With its glossy black finish, flame decals, and huge MSI logo front and center it really gets noticed compared to other notebooks. The only feature that seemed to be missing was big LEDs to light up the logo, which most lecturers will love not being in their classroom. But last time the keyboard was not secured MSI GX600-08 Modem in the case, MSI GX600-08 Modem spoiled our impressions.

Let's examine it one more time. As we already mentioned, the keyboard has a numeric pad. To all appearances, the engineers considered it a break-through MSI GX600-08 Modem other keys were added by the residual principle.


An additional row of keys is situated above the numeric pad—ins, del, MSI GX600-08 Modem, pgdn. In my opinion, these keys are not arranged optimally. The Del key is often used for editing texts, but it's installed in the middle of the row, so it's not convenient. Besides, there is only one Del on the keyboard. Pay attention that the home and end keys work only as Fn combinations. When the numeric pad works in the Numpad mode, it's not convenient to use the upper row of keys.

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It seems to me that keyboard ergonomics was not in the project list, they just copied desktop keyboards. The second major drawback is narrow keys. We understand that a numeric pad requires sacrifices, but the engineers made MSI GX600-08 Modem in the wrong places. They narrowed main keys.

Moreover, they used the old method, which had been practiced in old 12" notebooks. They narrowed two leftmost columns of letter keys and keys on the right side of the keyboard.

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Almost all manufacturers have already abandoned this method. And large brands offer their own unique designs, which allow not to narrow main letter keys.

I've noted drawbacks of this solution many times. The main problem is, such narrow keys are not situated where you expect them to, when you use the touch typing method. In this very case, we have two leftmost columns of narrow keys.

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Note that the keys in the bottom row are narrower than in two upper rows. By the way, we've read many complaints about these horrible keys, MSI GX600-08 Modem about the dot key—it's very inconvenient to use it for example, when you type internet addresses.


And finally, the right shift is mercilessly narrow, as wide as a regular letter key. Besides, it's shifted to the left, so it's hard MSI GX600-08 Modem find this key. The cursor keys are too narrow, so you often miss them and press neighboring keys. The second back slash button is also located here. Interestingly, the left part of the keyboard is untouched—that is the left shift is of the standard length. GX Series Laptops GX HDMI; USB port; eSATA; Mic-in/Headphone-out; Express Card; Modem port; AC Adapter; Battery; Dimension; Weight (KG).

By the way, MSI builds its gaming notebooks both on Intel and AMD/ATI platforms. Built-in Gigabit Ethernet LAN and Modem Module; Built-in n WLAN.

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