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Over time, your hearing comfort level adapts to higher volumes of sound, Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver what sounds normal can actually be loud and harmful to your hearing. Set your volume control at a low setting. Slowly increase the sound until you can hear it comfortably and clearly, without distortion. Once you have established a comfortable sound level, set the dial and leave it there. Do not turn up the volume so high that you can t hear what s around you. Use caution or temporarily discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations.

Do not use headphones Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver operating a motorized vehicle; the use of headphones may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in many areas. Installation or servicing of this product by persons without training and experience in electronic equipment and automotive accessories may be dangerous and could expose you to the risk of electric shock, injury or other hazards. Do not allow this product to come into contact with liquids.


Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver shock could result. Also, damage to the product, smoke, and overheating could result from contact with liquids. If liquid or foreign matter should get inside this product, park your vehicle in a safe place, turn the ignition switch off ACC OFF immediately and consult your dealer or the nearest authorized Pioneer Service Station.

Do not Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver this product in this condition because doing so may result in a fire, electric shock, or other failure. If you notice smoke, a strange noise or odor from this product, or any other abnormal signs on the LCD screen, turn off the power immediately and consult your dealer or the nearest authorized Pioneer Service Station. Using this product in this Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver may result in permanent damage to the system.

Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB - Specificaties

Do not disassemble or modify this product, as there are high-voltage components inside which may cause an electric shock. Be sure to consult your dealer or the nearest authorized Pioneer Service Station for internal inspection, adjustments or repairs.

Before using this product, be sure to read and fully understand the following safety information: Do not operate this product, any applications, or the rear view camera option if purchased if doing so will divert your attention in any way from the safe operation of your vehicle. Always observe safe driving rules and follow all existing traffic regulations. If you experience difficulty in operating this product or reading the display, park your vehicle in a safe location and apply the parking brake before making the necessary adjustments. Never set the volume of this product so high that you cannot hear outside traffic and emergency vehicles.

Keep this manual handy as a Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver for operating procedures and safety information. Do not install this product where it may i obstruct the driver s vision, ii impair the performance of any of the vehicle s operating systems or safety features, including air bags or hazard lamp buttons or iii impair the driver s ability to safely operate the vehicle. Please remember to fasten your seat belt at all times while operating your vehicle. If you are ever in an accident, your injuries can be considerably more severe if your seat belt is not properly buckled. Never use headphones while driving. To prevent such functions from being used while the vehicle is in motion, there is an interlock system that senses when the parking brake is set and when the vehicle is moving.

If you attempt to use the functions described above while driving, they will become disabled until you stop the vehicle in a safe place, and 1 apply the parking brake, 2 release the parking brake, and then 3 apply the parking brake again. Please keep the brake pedal pushed down before releasing the parking brake.

Pioneer Avic-fdab NAV System Apple CarPlay Bluetooth DAB Avicfdab eBay

Do not take any steps to tamper with or disable the parking Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver interlock system which is in place for your protection. Tampering with or disabling the parking brake interlock system could result in serious injury or death. To avoid the risk of damage and injury and the potential violation of applicable laws, this product is not for use with a video image that is visible to the 5 6 Precaution 6 driver. In some countries the viewing of video image on a display inside a vehicle even by persons other than the driver may be illegal.

Where such regulations apply, they must be obeyed. If you attempt to watch video image while driving, the warning Viewing of front seat video source while driving is strictly prohibited.


To watch video image on this display, stop the vehicle in a safe place and apply the parking brake. To avoid battery exhaustion Be sure to run the vehicle engine while using this product. Using this product without running the engine can drain the battery. Rear view camera With an optional rear view camera, you are able to use this product as Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver aid to keep an eye on trailers, or backing into a tight Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver spot.

Do not use this function for entertainment purposes. Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage devices and assumes no responsibility for any loss of data on media players, iphone, smartphone, or other devices while using this product. Failure to operate After-sales service for Pioneer products Please contact the dealer or distributor from which you purchased the product for after-sales service including warranty conditions or any other information. In case the Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver information is not available, Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver contact the companies listed below. Please do not ship your product to the companies at the addresses listed below for repair without making advance contact. Visit our website Visit us at the following site: This may result in LCD screen malfunction due to the resulting high temperatures.


When using a cellular phone, keep the antenna of Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver cellular phone away from the LCD screen to prevent disruption of the video in the form of spots, colored stripes, etc. To protect the LCD screen from damage, be sure to touch the touch panel keys only with your finger and do so gently.

Pioneer AVIC-FDAB Specificaties

Notes on internal memory Before removing the vehicle battery Some of the settings and recorded contents will not be reset. Fixes: Expanded compatibility with Google Android Auto - Fixed a freeze problem on DAB Service List screen - Fixed a pop noise problem while playing a. High-end navigation AV system Pioneer AVIC-F970DAB AV Receiver inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, CD/DVD and DAB g: V.

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