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The real experience is in 3D 3D takes a beautifully mastered audio and visual image then surrounds you in emotion, story, and adventure. Connecting the BDP via Ethernet cable or optional wireless dongle connects you to a world of entertainment. You can access all the content on your Picasa account so you can view it with a roomful of people. The BDP sends a signal to compatible Pioneer receivers telling them to activate this feature to upgrade playback quality. Faster Disc Loading Pioneer understands that you want your movie when you want it. Obviously, you need to get the right shape for your TV before you can appreciate your picture, or things will either be squashed or stretched. Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player

Pioneer BDP-150 2D/3D Blu Ray Player

The easiest way to do this is by using the remote that comes with your Blu-ray player, and navigating through its on-screen menu. You need to tell the player which aspect ratio to send to the TV. The idea is to have an image that fills the maximum amount of space on the TV possible, without any nasty black bars at the top or bottom. You can read more about aspect ratio here. Although manufacturers vary, the most common aspect ratios you'll see are The easiest way to find the correct one is simply to navigate through them until the picture is the shape you prefer. Really, without getting too complex, that's all you need to do. Most TVs and most Blu-ray players have Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player a standard now where they will play nicely together - so you shouldn't have to do much messing around with menus to get this to work.

Region Coding Explained Welcome to the most annoying part of physical media: It started with movies. Different movies have different release dates in different parts of the world, because studios are stupid. Those release dates trickle down to when the films were actually released on DVD — for this is a problem that started back when DVD was a thing, and has endured with Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player.


Obviously, because they are greedy and again, stupid, those movie studios didn't want people watching the movie before they were good and ready. So, they introduced a little bit of code onto each DVD to make sure that it could only be played in a specific region. Region A covers the Americas and Southeast Asia.

Region C is everywhere else - China, Russia, other bits of Asia. A Blu-ray player from one region will not be able to play a Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player from another. You can change the region of your Blu-ray player, if you happen to land up with the disc from outside of your home region, but you can usually only do this a certain number of times before the option Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player greyed out on the menu.

Region Free Pioneer BDP Blu-ray Player

For that reason, we recommend that you only ever buy discs from your home region. Yes, we know it's annoying.

Blu-ray Player Setup Explained Let's do this using an example: Connecting this up is actually relatively simple, and involves fewer cables than you'd think. Very obviously, we need to get this player sending its signals Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player the right places — the visuals to the TV, and the sound to whatever system you have hooked up.


For our first example, let's assume that you have a TV, and a soundbar. That handles the picture. Of course, we still need to handle the sound, and for that, we're going to need either an HDMI or an Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player cable, running from the TV to the bar. That way, the TV knows to send the sound signal it's getting from the Blu-ray player to the speakers in the soundbar.


Now for something more complicated — although, to be honest, it actually ends up being easier. Presumably, you've already got your speakers wired up, and your receiver connected to the TV. All you need to do after that is make sure that your receiver has the correct input selected, then get watching! Other settings in this area are Sharpness and Noise Reduction that are best left at Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player lowest points for the reasons just alluded to.

The Downsampling item is a little mislabelled and allows for sampling frequencies of 48, 96, and kHz. Again there is a degree of inter device dependency as to what will work best for you. We began by installing the Pioneer Control app which works Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player iPod touch, iPhone and Android devices and it works very well indeed, allowing a full facsimile of the handset on your mobile device.

Media playback from both USB and over a network was also very strong and we threw a series of video formats at the BDPK without it skipping a beat and although. Online content is restricted to YouTube, Netflix and Picassa but each functioned flawlessly and subscribers to Netflix will welcome the dedicated button on the remote that takes you to the service directly. We viewed a couple of 3D Blu-rays — Monster House and Grand Canyon Adventures — through a resident 3D panel and we came across no unpleasant Pioneer BDP-150-K Blu-Ray Player. The 3D compatible Blu-ray player for the wireless age. Introducing the Pioneer® BDP Every home theater experience starts with the source.

The affordable. Buy Pioneer BDP Blu-ray 3D Trademark Disc Player with Network Pioneer Blu-ray player BDPK 4K up-scaling / voice with a quick View With the.

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