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Select to enable folder encryption with bit AES encryption.

See Folder Encryption for more information. Advanced settings this is only available when creating a shared folder o Guest Access Right: Assign guest access rights of the folder. Select to set the shared folder as a media folder. Select to hide the shared folder or not in Microsoft Networking. Opportunistic locking is a Windows mechanism for the client to place an QNAP TS-419U+ TurboNAS QTS lock oplock on a file residing on a server in order to cache the data locally for improved performance.

Oplocks is enabled by default for everyday usage and should be disabled on networks that require multiple users concurrently accessing the same files. Set the folder to be accessible for SMB 3 clients. This option is only available after SMB3 is enabled. After it is enabled, all communications via Microsoft Networking will be conducted via SMB3 and encrypted. Enable the Network Recycle QNAP TS-419U+ TurboNAS QTS for created shared folders.

Enable this option if you want to sync the contents in this shared folder. Refer to Qsync Central Station for more details. Click "create" to complete the setup. To delete a shared folder, select the folder checkbox and click "Remove". You can select the option "Also delete the data. Mounted ISO image files will not be deleted " to delete the folder and the files QNAP TS-419U+ TurboNAS QTS it. If you do not select to delete the folder data, the data will be retained in the NAS. You can create a shared folder of the same name again to access the data.

QNAP Turbo NAS Software User Manual

Icon Description Folder Property Edit the folder property. Select to hide or show the network drive, enable or disable oplocks, folder path, comment, restrict the access of Recycle Bin to administrators files can only be recovered by administrators from the Network Recycle Bin ,enable or disable write-only access on FTP connection, folder encryption, and synchronization. About Network-Attached Storage Updates: Due to the high number of NAS manufacturers, as well as network storage types, installing a new firmware might not be always as easy as it appears — and not too safe either. QNAP TS-419U+ TurboNAS QTS to perform a software update can cause serious malfunctions to the network storage.

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Subfolder Permissions The NAS supports subfolder permissions for secure management of the folders and subfolders. To configure subfolder permissions, follow the steps below: Select a root folder, for example Dept, and QNAP TS-419U+ TurboNAS QTS "Folder Permissions". The shared folder name and its first-level subfolders are shown on the left. The users with configured access rights are shown in the panel, with special permission below. Double click the first-level subfolders to view the second-level subfolders.

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Select the root folder Dept. Click "Add" when you have finished the settings. Specify other permissions settings below the folder permissions panel.

Specify to grant full or read only access or deny guest access. Specify the owner of the folder.

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By default, the folder owner is the creator. To change the folder owner, click the "Folder Property" button next to the owner field. Select a user from the list or search a username.

When you apply this option to a folder, e. Dept, only the folder owner can delete the first-level subfolders and files. This option does not apply to the subfolders of the selected folder even if the options "Apply changes to files and subfolders" and "Apply and QNAP TS-419U+ TurboNAS QTS all existing permissions of this folder, files, and subfolders" are selected. This option is only available for root folders.

QNAP Releases New QTS for Turbo NAS with Official GNU Bash Patch Update - QNAP

Select this option to allow admin to create first-level subfolders and files in the selected folder only. For example, in the folder "Dept", only admin can create files and subfolders Admin, HR, QNAP TS-419U+ TurboNAS QTS, and so on. Fixed an issue where the QTS UI would get stuck on "Network" on a new NAS when migrating data from another NAS that used a complicated DDNS password. Free Download QNAP TSU+ TurboNAS QTS Firmware (HDD / SSD / NAS / USB Flash).


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