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If you are like me and install things over and over you can mount the ISO and just have access to it on the network rather than having to drag a stack of discs around with you. User and Thecus N7510 NAS Server Authentication allows you to setup users and add them to user groups.

Once you have this you can limit what folders they have access to and even set limits on how much data they can transfer. There is also a batch upload option for companies that already have an established user list than needs transferred over all at once. It is the list of different services that Thecus lets you handle that sets it apart. If you decide to build your own file server you can expand on the functionality by running other programs as well. Thecus N7510 NAS Server allows the same thing with the ability to install apps. You can pick from a long list of apps on the Thecus website ranging from various media servers all the way to virus scanners. Thecus gives you multiple options when it comes to backing up the data that you save on the N You might be wondering why you would want to backup the data on your backup? If you have a fire or something unexpected happens you can always rely on the offsite storage.


They have configuration options to backup to another local NAS, remote backup to a NAS at a different location, or even backup to amazon S3 servers. If you have a USB DVD drive you can also burn your data directly to disc, although Thecus N7510 NAS Server how much data you can store on the N when fully loaded you might want to have another option available because that will take a lot of DVDs and time. The N also supports connecting printers and UPSs.

Thecus N 7-Bay SMB Tower NAS Server Kit (21TB) B&H Photo

They give you a configuration page to help configure your UPS settings. On the printer side of things you can turn a non-networked printer into a networked printer by hooking it up to the N, that should make life a little easier in a small office, not to mention save a little money when picking a printer.


Performance After covering the software, all that was left to do was actually put the N to the test. Going with a RAID 10 allowed for redundancy while also running the drives striped for better performance. We could have gone Thecus N7510 NAS Server a full RAID 0 like on the N testing for even more performance, but the data is too important to take that kind of risk.

Overall and Final Verdict After spending so much time Thecus N7510 NAS Server the N, I have really grown to love it. Typically, the sweet spot price wise for a small business or home NAS is around four bays.

Thecus N7510

Thecus set out Thecus N7510 NAS Server make a cheaper 7 bay NAS and without a doubt that did that. Frankly, the Intel Atom processor that they put in it might be okay with a smaller NAS but at this size it is a little undersized. Day to day you will never notice this, but when you have to build a RAID array of that size it will take longer. Even with this being a budget NAS Thecus did still upgrade the build quality with its aluminum design.

Thecus N7510 Review – 7-bay workgroup NAS

But sometimes you have to protect the NAS against Thecus N7510 NAS Server. Adding an antivirus to the already comprehensive software bundle will provide the necessary software protection by scanning the files on your NAS and defending it against possible threats. Whether connecting digital cameras and smart phones, backing up large external hard drives, or extending the capacity of your NAS, USB 3.

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Backwards compatibility adds the connectivity of a world full of USB 2. There are two gigabit Ethernet ports which is standard for this class of device.

The important part here is that one can use this in a home or office setting to drive media output using these ports. In a home segment, being able to play audio or video directly from the NAS unit is excellent. Thecus N Rear One can see Thecus N7510 NAS Server expansion slot.

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We were unable to get this working with x1 cards that we tried. The overall UI is responsive and for those that are used to enterprise web-based applications the interface will be intuitive.

Thecus N 7-bay NAS Features and Specifications

The underlying OS seems to be Red Hat based so it will be familiar to many folks. Using Thecus N7510 NAS Server terminal, we can see that the unit is using mdadm RAID. As one can see here, there is a 4- drive mdadm RAID 6 array on the unit. Most work will be done directly in the web GUI.

Many other solutions use the much less expensive Realtek solutions. With a price hard to beat and Thecus N7510 NAS Server treasure chest of resources, the N is a gamer's gem. “If you are on the market for a NAS, you should really consider jumping.


Buy Thecus N 7-Bay SMB Tower NAS Server Kit (21TB) featuring Intel Atom Processor, HDMI Output McAfee Antivirus Protection. Review Thecus N

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