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Which means that handhelds should, by default, be sealed to IP67 specifications. IP67 means completely dustproof and also protected against full immersion in water down to about a meter, even if it should take half an hour to retrieve the device.

Twinhead Efio H12LAW-611V 2 Tone Series

Why do I offer this suggestion? Because I've become aware of the considerable psychological impact of a device either being fully protected and it only offering some protection. I've come to that conclusion based on many years' worth of rugged product testing and outdoor product photography. If a product is IPsealed, I know we don't have to baby it, we can sit in in a puddle or under a waterfall and it will TwinHead efio! 120 Modem okay.

If it's less than IP67, there is none of that confidence. It may or may not be damaged, and should water get in after all and destroy the product, then it's our fault because it was only designed for protect to some level.

And that makes all the difference in the world. It's the difference between you feeling you need to protect the product and keep it from harm, rather TwinHead efio! 120 Modem being able to use it any which way you need to, without the extra stress of having to baby it.

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For me, perhaps the biggest example of the huge difference between "sort of" protected and fully protected are products that I use every day of my life, no matter where I go. Those being my phone and my watch.

In my case an iPhone and an Apple Watch. My early iPhones and my TwinHead efio! 120 Modem Apple Watch were not waterproof, and I was keenly aware of that weakness, always. So I was hyper-aware of the devices never getting rained on or subjected to any contact with water. They probably could have taken it, but just the prospect of damage and then being lectured by some Apple "genius" that, hey, you didn't take care of your iPhone and the damage is not covered — not good.

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Apple apparently realized that, and most other smartphone manufacturers did, too, and so iPhones and Apple Watches have been fully waterproof for some time now. The psychological impact is substantial.

Both are really IPsealed, meaning they can handle even prolonged immersion. So water is simply no TwinHead efio! 120 Modem an issue. I am sure the psychological impact of using ruggedized, but only partially protected, handhelds on the job is even greater. They are expensive, they must not fail on the job, and they can't always be babied.


And accidents can and will happen. Which, to me, means that all rugged handhelds that will be used outdoors should be IP67 at least. There may be devices so complex that this is not easily doable.

But with most it is doable. The technology is there. So let's get this done whenever possible. IP67 should be the minimum standard for any industrial handheld that may be used outdoors or near liquids.

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Posted by conradb at Can I order corn flakes from Amazon with it? efio!i Additional Operations Instruction Manual efio!i Notebook BOM. (internal code name: . PE BAG 70Xmm. PCE. 1. (Twinhead S.O.P) (Document NO): TESOP Assemble MODEM card on M/B: Tighten two screws.

Twinhead Efio H12LAWV 2 Tone Series Intel Core 2 Duo T, 1GB DDR2 Memory, " WXGA LCD, GB HDD, DVD Dual Modem (RJ) port.

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